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  • What are Palms?
    Palms are earned when you make a purchase on VEXUU, including Subscription purchases. You may also receive free Palms from giveaways or sweepstakes. You can redeem your Palms for rewards on the Palm Rewards page or at Checkout. Your Palms will expire if you haven't earned or redeemed Palms in the past 6 months. The rewards that you can redeem with your Palms are subject to change. For more details see our Terms.
  • How do I get Palms?
    Collecting Palms is easy! Just make any purchase and you will automatically receive 8 Palms per dollar, including Subscriptions. You can also get Palms during sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • How do I spend Palms?
    To use your Palms, click the Profile icon and choose 'Palm Rewards'. Here you can see your progress towards each reward and redeem your favorites.
  • Do Palms expire?
    Yes. Your Palms will expire if you are inactive for 6 months. To stay active, simply earn or redeem Palms. If you haven't earned or redeemed any Palms in the past 6 months, your entire Palm Rewards balance will expire. If you stay active, none of your Palms will expire and you can save up as many as you'd like.
  • Where are my Palms at?
    Palms are usually delivered to your account immediately, however sometimes it may take up to 72 hours for your Palms to appear in your account balance. If its been longer than 72 hours, feel free to contact VEXUU Support.
  • What can I redeem my Palms for?
    You can redeem Palms for exclusive rewards. See the full list of current rewards at
  • How long does shipping take?
    On average, your package will arrive in 3-5 days for VEXUU branded merchandise (apparel and accessories with a VEXUU tag) and 5-14 days for all other products. Some items have their own shipping time which is detailed on the product page. These are only estimates and not guaranteed delivery times; once your item ships you will receive an email with tracking information.
  • Can I track my order?
    Yes! We include tracking with every order and update your order as soon as the tracking number is available. If your order ships in multiple packages, we provide separate tracking for each item. How to Track Item: Go to 'My Orders' and select the order, you will see one of two options under each shipped item: a black 'Track Item' button or gray 'Shipped' box. For most carriers, our systems synchronize and you can directly track the item by pressing 'Track Item'. For a few carriers, items will show a gray 'Shipped' box, and you must refer to the email we sent you with tracking information. This email will contain the tracking number you can paste into the carrier's website. Please note: if part of your order hasn't shipped yet, each item that hasn't shipped will have a gray 'Awaiting Shipment' box under it. Each time we ship out an item from your order, we will send you an email with tracking details.
  • Where can I see my orders?
    On the top right of the website you'll see your avatar with a dropdown arrow (if you're signed out you will see 'Sign Up'). Choose the dropdown and choose 'My Orders' from the list. Mobile Users: Open the menu in the top right first, then follow the steps above. You can choose "My Orders" below to view your orders. Please note you must be signed into your VEXUU account to view your orders.
  • When will my items ship?
    Most items leave our warehouses within 24 hours of your payment clearing. This time frame is referred to as the "Processing Time", or the time it takes us to process and ship out your order. Please note that Processing Times and Shipping Times are different and vary by item. Some items may take up to 3 days to process.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Most items ship for FREE or USD $4.99. Some products ship for USD $8.99, and a select few have other shipping rates based on the item. We always offer the lowest price possible for shipping and are constantly working to add new items that include free shipping. Below are common shipping rates to the U.S. (Please note this table shows the most common rates, so each item may vary.) Shipping Rates vary by item due to many factors such as size, weight, processing location and more. We offer free shipping on orders USD $99+ with code 'FREESHIP'. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Items shipped outside of the United States have an increased shipping cost of +USD $3. This is to mitigate the increased cost of international shipping, but doesn't cover the full cost VEXUU pays to ship your package internationally. We've created this flat rate to increase coherency in our shipping rates, and never make profit off shipping fees.
  • What does my Order Status mean?
    Status: Confirmed Your order has been placed and is being processed. Most orders can be cancelled within 2 hours of entering 'Confirmed' status. Please open a ticket within 2 hours if you would like to cancel an order. Not all orders can be cancelled, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. You can see our Cancellation Policy, Return Policy, Exchange Policy, Digital Item Policy and more at Status: Track Order We have shipped out your order! If you go to 'My Orders' and select the order, you will see one of two options under each shipped item: a black 'Track Item' button or gray 'Shipped' box. For most carriers, our systems synchronize and you can directly track the item by pressing 'Track Item'. For a few carriers, items will show a gray 'Shipped' box, and you must refer to the email we sent you with tracking information. This email will contain the tracking number you can paste into the carrier's website. Please note: if part of your order hasn't shipped yet, each item that hasn't shipped will have a gray 'Awaiting Shipment' box under it. Status: Fulfilled Digital products are automatically fulfilled when you place your order. Check your email for your digital product. This includes VEXUU Digital Gift Cards. Please note if you chose a recipient other than yourself for a VEXUU Digital Gift Card, they will receive the email with the gift card details and you will receive an order confirmation email.
  • Where does VEXUU ship to?
    We ship internationally so you can stay stylish wherever you are. The cost of shipping varies by item, location and more. We will ship our products where permissible by law and to individuals who are legally able to tender online transactions according to their local guidelines and laws. SOME ITEMS CANNOT BE SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY! If an item has shipping limits, the product page will list the countries that item can be shipped to.
  • Where does VEXUU ship from?
    We ship from multiple locations throughout the United States, as well as some international locations. We're dedicated to getting you the fastest shipping at the lowest cost.
  • There's no tracking button, just a number?
    For most carriers, once an item has been shipped, the "Order Shipped" email will show both a tracking number and a "Track Shipment" button. If your order is shipped with select carriers, only a tracking number will show. This is due to limitations connecting with those carrier's systems. If only a tracking number appears, and no "Track Shipment" button, you can copy and paste the tracking number into the carrier's website for tracking details. If you experience any issues locating your tracking number or tracking your package, please reach out and we can send you a direct link to your tracking details. We provide tracking for every order, if you haven't received an email named "Your order is on its way", then we haven't shipped your package yet. You can see "When will my items ship?" in the FAQ for more details on Processing Times.
  • I didn't get all my items?
    We ship from multiple locations, so your order may ship in separate packages. You can find a tracking number for each package on your My Orders page. You must be signed into your VEXUU account to view your orders. When we ship part of your order, we send you an email with tracking information. These emails list each item in that specific package, so you know which part of your order to expect and when to expect it. If your entire order isn‘t listed in the first email with tracking information, this means the items that are not listed will be shipped separately. Expect another email soon with tracking for the remaining items. If you need help tracking your order or seeing if an item is still on the way, please contact us by scrolling down on this page and choosing "Message Us".
  • Who does VEXUU ship with?
    Your package may be delivered by FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, or another carrier. VEXUU ships with just about every carrier. This is to compete for the lowest shipping rate with the fastest delivery times. Regardless of the carrier, we provide tracking information for every order so you can rest assured your package is in safe hands.
  • An item I ordered doesn't ship to my country?
    Some items have shipping limits. If an item has shipping limits, it will have a list of countries that it can be shipped to on its product page. If an order is placed for an item with shipping limits, and the delivery location entered is not allowed, we will contact you to change the delivery address or cancel the order. If you have any questions or need help for any reason, please message us!
  • Item in "Awaiting Shipment" for 7+ days?
    If a certain item shows "Awaiting Shipment" for longer than usual, it could be because the item is being shipped from a country other than your destination location. You will receive a tracking email once the package is handed to a carrier in your country. You can always contact VEXUU Support and we will be happy to look into your order.
  • How do I get support?
    VEXUU Support is available daily from 7a - 7p (Pacific Time). The quickest and easiest way to contact us is by opening a ticket. Open a new ticket by choosing 'Message Us' below or by visiting our Help Page ( and choosing 'Message Us'. Our Help Page also has common questions and other resources that may answer your question without having to open a ticket. If you would like, you can also send an email to '' to create a new ticket. Alternatively, you may write a letter to VEXUU at 1961 N C ST #51922, OXNARD, CA 93031. Our average response rate is Same Day, however it may take up to 7 business days for our team to review your ticket during high-volume times. Rest assured we're happy to help you and our team is dedicated to your satisfaction. We encourage you to only submit one ticket per request, as multiple tickets may make it more difficult to resolve your request. For example, if you submit two tickets for the same request, once our team receives your tickets there could be multiple people making changes to your account or contacting you back. This could make it confusing for both you and our team.
  • How do I submit a photo?
    To submit a photo, please use our secure Upload Center. Your Ticket ID is required when submitting a photo. To get a Ticket ID, please open a ticket with VEXUU Support. If you already have an open ticket, refer to the bottom of the email for the Ticket ID. You can use the buttons above for quick access.
  • Where is VEXUU Support based?
    VEXUU Support is based in the United States. We have support specialists in the Southern California and Northern Minnesota regions that process requests daily 7a-7p Pacific, 9a-9p Central. You're on the Support page now; scroll down and choose 'Message Us' to open a ticket.
  • How long does it take to contact support?
    VEXUU Support is available daily 7a-7p Pacific Time. Our response rate varies based on current volume of requests, and we respond to all requests in the order we receive them. If you've received a confirmation email with a ticket ID, please be patient as your inquiry is in que.
  • How do I submit a file?
    To submit a file, please use our secure Upload Center. Your Ticket ID is required when submitting a file. To get a Ticket ID, please open a ticket with VEXUU Support. If you already have an open ticket, refer to the bottom of the email for the Ticket ID. You can use the buttons above for quick access.
  • Can I write to VEXUU?
    Of course! Write to us at 1961 N C ST #51922, OXNARD, CA 93031. In consideration of the environment, we prefer if you connect with us by opening a Ticket or sending an email. If these options don‘t suite you, feel free to write us anytime!
  • Why didn't I get a response?
    VEXUU Support typically responds Same Day, as we value our connection with our customers. During high-volume times it can take up to 7 business days for us to respond. If it has been longer than 7 business days and you still haven't received a response from us, there are 2 main reasons: COMMON REASON 1: Our response was filtered by your email provider and sent to a folder other than your Inbox. Our response email could have been automatically sent to your Spam, Notification, Newsletter, or other type of folder that made the message less visible. COMMON REASON 2: We never received your message because it was sent to the wrong email address. If you sent a response to an Order Confirmation email, Order Shipped email, Receipt email, Newsletter email, or any other email sent automatically, we did not receive it. We are not able to view or respond to emails sent to any of those addresses. Please ensure your message was sent to ''. This is the official email address for VEXUU Support. We respond to tickets in the order we receive them, so please be patient as we work to help everyone as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If your message was sent to '' and our response didn't end up in your Junk or Notification folder, please feel free to send us another email or choose 'Message Us' below to create a new ticket.
  • Where is my data stored?
    VEXUU LLC operates out of the United States, so your information is stored in U.S. based data centers. We use industry standards to encrypt and protect your data, and only use and process your data as described in our Privacy Statement, available at ( When certain types of data are being processed, some of this information may be transferred to or through third party servers that are not located in the U.S. The privacy of your data is our top priority, so rest assured that every data transaction complies with our Privacy Statement, and sensitive information is always processed in a secure manner.
  • Why don't I see my Review?
    All Reviews submitted on VEXUU are subject to moderation. Your review may take up to 48 hours to publish as it's verified to comply with our Terms of Service. We thank you for your patience as we moderate your Review, and know that we do NOT edit or remove unfavorable Reviews.
  • Is my data secure?
    Absolutely. We use 256 Bit Encryption and industry standard security measures to make sure your data is always protected. You can review our Privacy Statement for full details on how your information is processed and stored. At VEXUU we believe your private information should be kept private. We have strict employee policies on how we handle and access data. We use permission-based authorization to ensure our team only has access to the information needed to execute their role.
  • How do I get exclusive deals and discounts?
    You can sign up for the Weekly Drops Newsletter and get email exclusive deals, promo codes and Palms! Plus you'll be the first to know about everything VEXUU. To sign up go to the homepage and enter your email or choose 'Go to Sign Up' below.
  • Why is an item missing choices?
    If an item is unavailable, we may display an "Out of Stock" message or alternatively remove all unavailable variants. You might find yourself looking at a product and seeing a dropdown for choices, but there's only one choice available. This is commonly due to variants being out of stock or discontinued altogether.
  • The Order Confirmation page didn't load correctly?
    If you just placed an order and the confirmation page did not load correctly, simply reload the page and your order confirmation will appear correctly formatted. Reloading the confirmation page will NOT cause your card to be charged again, it will only reload the contents of your confirmation message to properly display on your device. We always send you two emails when you complete a purchase: an Order Confirmation email and a Receipt email for financial records. You can check your email inbox to confirm your order has been placed if you do not want to reload the page. You may also visit the 'My Orders' page and your order should appear as 'Confirmed'.
  • I Can't Submit a Form?
    If nothing happens when trying to submit the Shipping Feedback, Photo Upload, Bug Report, or other forms, it could be because you are not signed into your VEXUU Account. First sign in, then attempt to submit the form again. Already signed in? Make sure you are entering all of the information required. If you're uploading a photo, please wait after submitting. Depending on your internet connection, it can take up to two (2) minutes to upload photos, so please be patient. Recap: - You must be signed in to submit a form. - You must enter all required information. - Uploading photos can take time.
  • A Collection disappeared?
    Some Collections are seasonal, so they will only appear on VEXUU for a limited time. If you wanted to purchase an item from a Collection that is no longer available, you can search for the item or enter the Collection URL to re-visit the Collection. Each Collection has a specific URL in the following format: "" Replace "XYZ" with the name of the Collection to re-visit the Collection. For example, the Summer Collection is, and the Valentine's Collection is
  • What Payment Methods does VEXUU accept?
    We proudly accept: American Express Visa Master Card Discover Union Pay Cartes Bancaires JCB Diners Electron Maestro PayPal Venmo VEXUU complies with the highest global standard for secure online payments. We also use the latest industry standard protocols to securely save your card details in VEXUU Wallet when you choose to save it for Quick Checkout.
  • Can I pay in installments?
    Yes! We offer a monthly payment option with PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can use the monthly payment option at checkout. Add the items to your cart and begin checkout, then choose ”PayPal” to see your monthly payments.* *Subject to PayPal services and Terms.
  • What does a transaction from VEXUU show as?
    When you place an order on VEXUU, the transaction on your card will begin with “VEXUU.COM”. While the transaction is processing, it may appear with our head office phone number and state: “VEXUU.COM +17372283988 MN” After the transaction has processed, it may appear with the URL: “VEXUU.COM HTTPSWWW.VEXU…” If you have any questions or concerns about a transaction, please connect with us by opening a Ticket on the help page:
  • When will I get my Refund?
    Refunds typically appear in your account within 3-5 Business Days. Some refunds appear in under 24 hours. If it has been longer than 5 Business Days, open a Ticket and we will be happy to look into the status of your refund.
  • My transaction was declined?
    Make sure you successfully verified your identity when you tried placing your order. We have security protocols in place to help mitigate fraud and robots. Simply try placing your order again and make sure you complete the identity verification if prompted. If you have a VPN on, we recommend turning it off. Although VEXUU is VPN-friendly, you may experience technical issues while trying to process sensitive data while using a VPN on the VEXUU website.
  • Can I pay later?
    Yes! We offer a pay later option with PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can use the pay later option at checkout. Add the items to your cart and begin checkout, then choose ”PayPal” to see your due date.* *Subject to PayPal services and Terms.
  • What is a Digital Gift Card?
    A VEXUU Digital Gift Card is a virtual gift card. You can choose any amount to load onto the card starting at USD $15.00. Upon purchase, you can choose to have us email the recipient with a custom message, or you can have the gift card sent to yourself to print out and give in person. If you choose to have us send it directly to the recipient, you can even choose a specific date you'd like us to email the gift to them!
  • Do Digital Gift Cards expire?
    No, VEXUU Digital Gift Cards do NOT expire. Your balance will stay on the card until you redeem every penny.
  • Can I combine my Digital Gift Cards?
    Currently it is not possible to combine the balances from multiple Digital Gift Cards to one Digital Gift Card. We suggest using your Digital Gift Cards in the order you receive them to clear off the balances one card at a time.
  • Can I use my Digital Gift Card for a Subscription?
    Currently you cannot use your VEXUU Digital Gift Card on Subscriptions. To have an active subscription, you must have an active Debit or Credit card connected to the subscription. Your VEXUU Digital Gift Card can be used for any physical or digital products on the store, excluding subscription-based products (e.g. Palm Rewards Premium, Graphic Tee Subscription).
  • Can I see my Digital Gift Card balance?
    Check the balance of your VEXUU Digital Gift Card here: Please Note: If the Sender did not enter a Recipient email at the time of purchase, only the Sender can request the balance, as the Recipient's email address won't be connected to the Digital Gift Card.
  • Can VEXUU Digital Gift Cards be refunded?
    No, purchases of VEXUU Digital Gift Cards are not eligible for refund. Digital Gift Cards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded as digital products are sold AS-IS.
  • I lost the code to my Digital Gift Card?
    No worries, you can request your code be sent again to the original Sender or Recipient email address. For security purposes, we are unable to send the code to a different or new email address. Please Note: Our team is not able to view your code; we are only able activate an automated process that sends you your original code.

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