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We're looking for the BEST influencer! Is it you?
Anyone can make social media posts with VEXUU products, but only select users have the ability to share their own custom coupon codes and customized deals. Get your own spot on the Verified Promoters list at VEXUU.COM/VERIFIED and create a personal connection with our team as we work one-on-one to help you create unique and creative promotions that fit your style. Here's what you need to get started:

1) Active Social Media Accounts: Please include all of the accounts you plan to publish VEXUU content on. (These accounts will appear on your profile card at VEXUU.COM/VERIFIED if your enrollment is accepted.)

2) Your Real Name: We require your full First Name and Last Name to verify your account authenticity. (WE NEVER SHARE THIS INFO)

3) Your Date of Birth
: We require your full Date of Birth to verify your account authenticity. We use this information in combination with your full name to verify your identity; your age has no impact on acceptance. (WE NEVER SHARE THIS INFO)

4) Your State or Province: We need your general location to assess the geographical impact of your influence. If you travel frequently, include your most frequented locations. (WE NEVER SHARE THIS INFO)

5) Be On-Brand: Before enrolling you must have at least one post with a VEXUU product so we can assess your marketing style. We want real influencers who use our brand, so you should already have at least 1 VEXUU product to make your first post. If you're not a customer of VEXUU yet, we encourage you to shop VEXUU and become familiar with our products before enrolling. We do not endorse or condone posting fake reviews or publications.

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