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Enroll below to activate Influencer Tools on your VEXUU Account.

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Make Money

Get your Campaign Report and payment on the 2nd of every month. We offer different payout options to accommodate everyone.

Give Discounts

Customize your promotion and coupon code to make it your own. Earn commission when your audience uses your coupon code to purchase products on VEXUU.


Make money while being yourself. Choose your style of promotion and make money doing what you love.

For example, if Sam has a beauty TikTok, they could offer 10% off all Health & Beauty with code SAMSAVES10. If Skylar just hit 14K followers on YouTube, they could offer 14% off the entire store with code SKYLAR14K.*

*Availability of any specific Coupon Code is subject to approval.

VEXUU Influencer Program

Enroll here to activate Influencer Tools on your VEXUU Account.

Who do we have the pleasure of working with?
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What platforms are you popular on?
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What type of style do you represent that aligns with our store?

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Common Questions

What is the VIP?

The VEXUU Influencer Program is designed to provide you with all of the tools you need to create successful and engaging campaigns that help you grow followers. By interacting with quality products and offering real savings, you can add a professional and personal touch to your media.

How do I earn?

You earn commission when someone makes a purchase using your coupon code. The amount you earn varies based on the discount you offer and the tier you're in. Go to Influencer Tools to see your Commission Rate Chart. Use the chart to see what your commission rate will be before you create a coupon.

Why can I give discounts?

As an approved Influencer, you can create and distribute coupon codes that offer up to 15% off VEXUU. That's a big discount, but we want to empower our Influencers to create engaging campaigns. When an Influencer supports a sale (gets their audience to make a purchase), this saves VEXUU time and money with marketing and advertising. We pass these savings along directly to the customer. We also offer competitive commission rates to compensate Influencers properly for their hard work. You can think of the customer's discount plus Influencer's commission as being equal to the marketing and advertising costs.

When do I get paid?

Payments are posted on the 2nd of every month. Some payment methods have a minimum requirement for payout and each payout method has its own delivery time frame (e.g. Same Day, Next Business Day, etc.). Per the VIP Policies, the payments you receive are backlogged 60 days to account for Exchanges, Cancellations, and more (e.g. the payment you receive on April 2nd will be from January 1st through January 31st).

How fast can I make money?

You can start earning immediately after approval, but we only recommend signing up for the VIP if you plan on staying active long term. Payouts are backlogged for 60 days to account for exchanges and cancellations, so Influencers won't see immediate cash. After your first 60 days, you will begin to see payments on the 2nd of every month as long as you have funds to transfer (e.g. the payment you receive on April 2nd will be from January 1st through January 31st).

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